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Mobile’s Dining Experience Redefined

From prime-aged cuts at Le Moyne’s Chophouse to rich brews at The Living Room, our dining experiences are a celebration of flavor and sophistication. Explore culinary offerings that blend tradition with innovation, promising unforgettable moments for every palate.

Le Moyne’s Chophouse

Coming Late Summer 2024

Inspired by Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville, the renowned explorer integral to founding Mobile, Le Moyne’s Chophouse honors his pioneering spirit and royal connections by offering the finest prime cuts, freshest Gulf seafood, an exquisite wine selection, and exceptional service.

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Render of The Admiral living room with lots of seating, a bar and chandlers

The Living Room

Coming Late Summer 2024

Slip into sophistication with afternoon or evening libations. A perfect setting whether you’re looking for intimate conversations or bar-side banter. The Living Room offers refined leisure and a lavish escape from the ordinary.

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